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Our circulation socks are uniquely designed for diabetics because often times the nerves in their feet are damaged and results in poor circulation. Socks in sizes 14 to Cotton soaks up moisture, while nylon brings moisture to the surface to dry quicker.

From plain men's socks in a wide variety of colours, to patterned suit socks for the office, fun & novelty styles featuring your favourite characters, or even socks for .
Carhartt Socks While Carhartt crafts rugged gear for working men and women, we also make accessories for the whole lose a sock, hat or glove?We’ve got you covered. Carhartt crafts some of the finest accessories money can buy, and our socks are no exception.
Designed with a seamless toe, ultra-soft cotton, and honeycomb arch support. Bombas are the most comfortable socks in the history of feet. Shop no-show, ankle, quarter, and calf.
Compression Socks for Men. Reduce leg fatigue during long shifts with men's compression socks from Scrubs & Beyond. Find the perfect color, style and brand within our large selection of compression socks for men.
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Performance Cushion Crew Socks with Band (6 Pairs)

Blending design and technology, Stance has designed socks and underwear as uncommonly cool as the people who wear it. Shop our men's socks on Stance.

SupraLite, the thinnest, smoothest, softest and most absorbent sock you can imagine. Specifically designed for runners and cyclists, they are perfect for anyone looking for a sock so thin it feels as if you are wearing nothing at all. SupraLites share the same technical features as Cushioned Jox Sox, but without the padded bottoms.

Advanced Fibers keep you drier. Proprietary, cotton free, exceptionally light, FeatherWeight, UltraThin yarns. A favorite choice for professionals on their feet all day, as well as travelers the world over. Complete support enhances comfort while reducing fatigue, leg stress and swelling. Graduated compression from the heel to the top of the band improves circulation.

Knit in top band keeps socks up without constricting. Lycra blend supports the arch. Knee High height to support the entire leg. Sock Sizes and Our diabetic ankle socks are perfect for anyone that has neuropathy, diabetes, or arthritis.

Our large diabetic ankle socks are perfect for diabetics that need wider sock tops. Our grey diabetic socks are doctor approved and especially designed for people that have diabetes an.. For anyone that has diabetes, edema, arthritis, or neuropathy, these socks are especially suited for..

Now in knee length, these diabetic socks go right below the knees. Our diabetic knee socks have the.. Our large diabetic knee socks are designed for people with diabetes, edema, neuropathy, or deep vein.. Our diabetic ankle socks provide a comfortable fit with loose tops that stretch out to 11 inches wid.. Experience the comfort of wearing large diabetic socks. Our brown diabetic ankle socks feature..

Our diabetic knee socks are great for those that want socks that goes right below the knees. Our black diabetic socks now come in over the calf length that goes right below your knees. Our tan diabetic ankle socks are made in the USA and are approved by doctors to manage foot complica.. For those with foot complications from diabetes, neuropathy, edema, and deep vein thrombosis, experi..

Loose sock cuffs - Every pair of our socks feature tops that are loose and non-constricting. We use a special design that doesn't bind but has enough support to stay up on the legs.

This special feature makes for an incredibly comfortable sock as well as helping to improve blood flow in the legs and feet. Non-binding socks netting - Loose tops aren't the only feature in our socks that aids in foot circulation. Located in the area between the ankle and cuffs, the thin netting provides a nice close fit without being tight. The surface is covered with tiny holes that allows air to easily pass through. This helps to keep the feet cool and dry. Padded soles - One of the main purposes of socks is to protect the feet.

That is why every pair of our socks come with the right amount of sole padding. What is the right amount you say? It has extra cushioning without adding unnecessary bulk. We understand how much people use their feet every day to walk or run. More cushioning means better comfort and protection.

Together with your shoes, your feet can take on more impact from daily activities. Low profile toe seam - Foot irritation is a chief complaint with socks. Most of the time, this has to do with the toe seams. A lot of manufacturers use big protruding seams around the toe area. It is a cheap way of doing things. It is a terrible idea for minimal savings. Large seams rubs easily against the toes.

It is not a problem when worn for a short period of time. However, over an extended period of time, blisters and calluses develop that lead to painful feet. On the other hand, our hosiery are made with a flat toe seam to avoid abrasions. It feels like there is no seam at all. Smooth cotton and nylon blend - Another way to prevent discomfort from socks is to use a quality soft material. We use a nice cotton and nylon mix to get the best of both worlds.

While cotton is great at soaking up moisture. It is not realistic to expect cotton to do that completely. Cotton is a natural material that is light and allows proper ventilation.

However, it is not very good at distributing moisture away. This is where nylon comes into play. Where cotton is good at absorbing, nylon is the complete opposite. It's main role is to bring moisture to the surface so that sweat can dry faster, which will keep your feet dry. Nylon is a man made material that adds durability and softness.

The use of nylon also enables socks to hold their shape better for an improved fit. Together, cotton and nylon adds strength, comfort, and moisture wicking abilities. Our socks are approved and recommended by doctors. They have many special features that promote healthy legs and feet.

The lightweight design of the sock weave allows proper air flow to the legs to keep them cool and dry. The breatheable design also helps maintain a nice fit without worries of having the socks bunch up. Through extensive testing, we have developed the optimal blend of sock fibers to keep the feet drier.

Cotton soaks up moisture, while nylon brings moisture to the surface to dry quicker. This really helps to decrease foot odors and lessens the chance of foot infections.

The loose sock tops and weave help to increase the flow of oxygen to the feet and legs. Unlike other socks with tight elastic tops, ours do not bind to the legs and leave marks. Enjoy the feeling of non-constricting legs. While loose, our socks still stay up on the legs for a cozy feel.

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