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You see, I am Mum's muse and I inspire her creativity greatly. I also model for her a lot as you can see from all the photos. I hope reading my blog inspires you too!

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Download Badge high resolution image. Learn how to add badge on your blog. The "birthmark" turns out to be chewing gum. Benny has written to his mother that he's the Mayor of New York. Now Benny's mother is coming for a visit, and Top Cat and the gang must do everything they can to convince Mrs.

Ball voiced by Bea Benaderet that her son really is the Mayor. Officer Dibble takes a job at Cape Canaveral, and the gang discover about the luxurious treatment a chimpanzee voiced by John Stephenson receives while in the space program. The group decides to join up in attempt to access the same luxurious facilities, however wants out when they discover they will be going into space. Warner Archive re-released Top Cat: On January 10, , the show was re-released in stores as part of Hanna-Barbera's 60th anniversary.

In the UK, the complete series box set was released in , initially as a HMV exclusive until Alternatively, five single DVD volumes, each containing 6 episodes, were released.

The covers were originally from the US edition but later re-released with a new design. Each volume shows a group picture of Top Cat using Dibble's phone with his gang beside him, but the colour-coding is:. The gang's adventures continued off-screen in comic books as Dell which became Gold Key published 31 issues from to Charlton Comics published 20 more issues from to Unlike the cartoon, Top Cat is from a world where cats are the dominant species.

In the UK, World Distributors published annuals during the s sourced from the Dell comics strips. It was re-released in on Columbia Records ' Special Products label. Tunes from the Toons" by Music Club in in Europe. Top Cat was among the first programs aired on CTV.

The country's first private television network commenced broadcasts in October In spite of the modest success of the show in the United States, the show was a massive hit in Mexico, Chile, Peru and Argentina, where it is recognized as one of the most famous Hanna Barbera characters ever, being as popular as The Flintstones. In Mexico the show is aired under the name Don Gato y su pandilla literally Mr.

Cat and his gang and the main characters adopted different accents. Besides Top Cat, all the other characters from the show were very famous, and their popularity is commonly attributed by the excellent dubbing and voice acting: Benny was renamed Benito B.

This name, "matute" was used in Argentina and Uruguay as a slang reference for policemen. Top Cat is still rerun every few years. In addition, the city of New York was replaced by Brasília federal capital in the Brazilian version.

It debuted on 16 May , under its original name [15] but after only 4 weeks was renamed The Boss Cat on 13 June The dialogue and theme tune still referred to the character by his original name, but a small cut was made at the climax of the opening credits resulting in a slight jump in the film and a title card carrying the revised title inserted before the episode proper.

Similarly, the Top Cat name was edited from the final section of the show's closing credits, causing another slight jump as Top Cat is putting on his eyeshades and readying himself for sleep in his trash can.

This episode selection was repeated on the BBC from to The Boss Cat title card was last used for a repeat run in ; by the time the series was next aired, in , the Top Cat pet food brand had been discontinued in the UK, as had any concerns about mirroring such a brand name even if it did exist, allowing the original US title sequence to be used. The characters from the show all the cats and Officer Dibble were used in as part of a UK television advertisement campaign for the Halifax bank.

From Boomerang broadcasts it in Hungarian. Top Cat was one of the early favorites on Cartoon Network. It was aired in India in the s.

Top Cat was aired again in until The series is dubbed in Sinhala and directed by Titus Thotawatte.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the animated television series. For other uses, see Top Cat disambiguation. Top Cat and the gang. List of Top Cat characters. Things take a drastic turn as Officer Dibble also ends up aboard the ship, and the discovery of a suitcase containing counterfeit money leads to Top Cat and the gang being thrown into the brig as suspect counterfeiters.

However, with Top Cat's assistance, Officer Dibble is able to catch the actual counterfeiter and verify the gang's innocence. This sparks a contest between the pair.

However, when both Jazz and Top Cat are offered a part in a Hollywood film, they assume that it is another trick. The offer turns out to be legitimate, and Benny is cast in the starring role in The Thing from the Alley. He leaves for Hollywood in a limo, accompanied by Top Cat and the gang in the guise of Benny's manager, valet, vocal coach, tailor and chauffeur.

Jazz and his buddy Beau Don Messick are forced to keep the alley clean for 30 days. Top Cat tries everything to get rid of the horse, but changes his mind when he sees the horse's shock-induced superior racing abilities.

Gutenbad John Stephenson , the musical director of Carnegie Hall, mistakes a recording of violin virtuoso Laszlo Laszlo for the playing of Benny the Ball, who has just taken up the instrument. This episode marks the first appearance of Griswald. Officer Dibble offers his cooperation, but is unaware that some crooks will be using the TV filming as a cover for a real robbery.

This leads to Top Cat's being made an honorary police sergeant and Dibble's boss in the alley. The jewel is later found to be an expensive antique, and the gang attempts to return it. Once the scarab is returned, a jewel thief arrives and takes a number of jewels. Dibble arrives and mistakes T. He gives the check to Benny, who tries to show it to Top Cat who ignores him , so he tries to cash it himself. A merchant overhears him and tells all his associates.

Everybody gives things to Top Cat thinking he is a millionaire, and that he'll pay them back. Once inside the house, Dibble struggles to live with the gang.

In the end, the gang stay for several months until spring and the warmer weather arrives. Top Cat attempts to get rid of the animal until it is revealed that the anteater has escaped from the zoo and a large reward is on offer for its return.

However, they find parenthood much more difficult than they thought it to be. When Officer Dibble catches onto them, he is shown the note left with the baby and takes it into police custody. In the end, Officer Dibble tells Top Cat's group that the mother is found and the baby is safely returned. Prowler intends to be more forceful in his duty than Dibble and intends to stop the trouble that Top Cat and the gang cause.

Due to the new regime, the gang hatch a plan to have Dibble return to his old beat in the alley. Choo-Choo begins selling "phony" maps. However, it is later found that the maps point to a real treasure in a dilapidated house.

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